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nerd·va·na ?[nurd-vah-nuh]  noun
1. a podcast by geeks for geeks
2. a virtual paradise of all things nerdy

The crew here at NerdVana is a diverse group of geeks with interests all over the spectrum, from hard-core sci-fi geeks to programming gurus. We would like to take a few words and introduce ourselves.

JC Arkham
NerdVana Host – (creator, producer, head-writer, editor)
JC is a professional graphic designer born and raised in the South Bay Area in California with degrees in art, sciences and design. He has always had an interest in sci-fi and superheroes since childhood. In a former, parallel universe he worked in management in the hi-tech, Silicon Valley, pre-dot.com bust era and media industry. His resume includes, prop-builder and collector for over 30 years; room chair designer, special f/x makeup artist, line actor and talent coordinator for G.Y.R.O.’s World of Terror; 501st Golden Gate Garrison volunteer; BASFA member; convention attendee, costumer and tabletop/video gamer. You might have even seen him in a feature film or two. More recently he’s taken up the hobby of video arcade game collecting and restoration. Even though he has been enjoying the influx of Marvel films, he does consider himself a DC guy.

“I started NerdVana Podcast because I have so many friends, acquaintances and meet all kinds of people who all have varying and interesting opinions about pop culture and what we all geek out about. I thought many other people would find our conversations, just as interesting and entertaining as I do.” – JC Arkham

Two-Buck Chuck
NerdVana Co-Host – (producer, contributing writer, expert-in-his-own-mind commentary, I am a leaf in the wind)
Two-Buck Chuck lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he earned a BA in Psychology and MA in English Literature (Emphasis: Creative Writing) from San Jose State University. Since 1988, he has been working in the crisis intervention field and as such continuously updates the skills necessary to succeed in his endless battle against his arch-foes, Zero Dinero and Flat-Ass Broke. From 2008 to 2010, he took a leave of absence to volunteer for the Peace Corps TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Program, and completed his service in Ukraine teaching colloquial and business English for the Department of Foreign Languages for Banking Business at Ternopil National Economic University. (Two-Buck robots kept Zero and Flat-Ass at bay during this hiatus.) An AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) survivor, Chuck has been in remission since June, 2004. His poetry has appeared in The Edge City Review, Pivot, The Neovictorian/Cochlea, and Reed. A long-term comics, science fiction, and fantasy fan, Two-Buck Chuck will prepare himself to discuss any topic whenever the need arises. You just watch (or listen, since, you know, podcast)!

Noah the Engineer
Sound Engineer – (head audio specialist & tech guru)
Noah the Engineer is a computer nerd and a DJ. You can hear him DJ in the San Francisco Bay Area from time to time, known by the name Kikipopo. He takes time out of a very overloaded schedule to bring his talents for sound to us because, without him, well, we would sound like crap. He is a fan of board games, Red Dwarf, and Dr. Who and a few other nerdy things here and there.

The NerdVana AI Computer – (contributing wise-cracker)
She’s here to help out whenever she can doing lead-ins and outs for the show or making random comments when she feels like it.

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