Ep46c: Wu Are You? Pt3

Show #176: “Wu Are You?”, cialis canada discount cialis Part 3: Host JC Arkham is at the Mobile Table of Insanity (our fan table) at Con-Volution 2015 continuing to chat things up with The Library Bards Bonnie Gordon (ABC’s “The Quest”), viagra buy Xander Jeanneret (TBS’ “King of the Nerds”) along with Jacob Rubin (TBS’ “King of the Nerds”). We wrap up this last hour talking more about the journey’s end when you’re on a reality TV competition show. Then the group talk about what they all geek out about.

Music Credits: Intro: “The Grid” from the Tron Reconfigured album by Daft Punk, Quote from The Big Bang Theory, Remixed by JC Arkham, Podcast ID: “Nerds are King” from “King of the Nerds: Season 1″. Closing: “Stand Up” from the “Kick-Ass” Soundtrack by Prodigy.

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